Classic Wrist Supports

Flexibility and strength. Our wrists have a tough job and they have to be mobile and flexible. Vulkan supports keep you on the move.

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Our wrist has a tough job. It has to be mobile and flexible enough to give us the range of motion we need, but also provide strength and power.

The wrist as well as the elbow are often subjected to repetitive movements making them extremely common sites for injuries. As a result, repetitive strain injuries are extremely common, causing damage to the ligaments or tendons.


Pain or aching around the wrist joint or lower forearm. Tenderness, swelling or bruising around the wrist joint following a recent injury. Associated weakness of the muscles of the lower forearm and/or hand.

The wrist joint is made up of the two bones of the forearm (ulna and radius) and the first row of the bones of the hand. The joint is held together by a number of ligaments which provide stability. The muscles of the forearm produce movement at the wrist joint. The joint is frequently injured as a result of falling on an outstretched arm.


Our Vulkan Classic Wrist Supports consist of two supports, one is ideal for those recovering from a recent wrist injury or sprain who have residual discomfort and/or weakness or those suffering from arthritis. This is a longer wrist support whereas the short wrist strap is recommended for those in the final injury stages of recovery from a wrist injury attempting to return to sporting activities e.g. racquet sports. This shorter wrist support does not cover the palm area so is preferred for use with hand tools and sports equipment where grip is important.

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