Classic Ankle Supports

Power comes from the ground. Our supports to help you to generate the power you need to push off and keep you on the move.

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When functioning properly, the ankles support one and a half times your weight when you are walking or standing, and eight times your weight when running.


Sprained ankles are almost as painful as breaks and are usually stretched or torn ligaments. The ankle joint is a very strong joint made up of three bones. The two shin bones (tibia and fibula) and the talus make up the ankle joint which is held together by strong ligaments. These ligaments provide the joint with stability. The ligament on the outside of the ankle is commonly injured during sprains or twists or “going over” on the ankle or when you rotate your ankle too far out if the natural position.


Our Vulkan Classic Ankle Supports consist of two supports. The first is an ankle support with a moderate support level available in 5 sizes. The other is a stabilising ankle support with spiral stays and a stabiliser for a more firm support level and available in both left and right with 3 sizes available.

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